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George’s Products

Over 70 varieties of George���s sausages and bacon.

Over 40��kinds of jerky and snack stixs.
Complete line of fresh cuts of beef and pork.
Large selection of grocery items, dairy products
and bakery items. Large selection of frozen items including beef, pork, fish, poultry and convenience items.
Deli meats and cheeses.
Frozen cuts of elk, ostrich, venison and buffalo.
Assorted sandwiches, hot and cold.

George’s Homemade Variety Meats:

Real jerky comes from buffalo. Legend has it that early native Americans would hang the buffalo meat in the tallest tree so that it would cure and dry and other animals couldn’t get at it. The elder tribesman would tell the young indian brave to “Go climb that tree and jerk me down a piece of meat!” Hence the name Jerky. Times have changed, jerky is easy to get and plentiful at our store!

Snack Stix:
We also make snack stix in many different flavors, from different kinds of meat including, beef, pork, turkey, chicken, buffalo, elk, venison and ostrich. Jerky and snack stix are very popular items in our store!

Summer Sausage:
Our summer sausage and salami are made with extra lean cuts of beef and pork, specially seasoned to give you that unique, tangy, German flavor. We smoke our sausage in an old fashioned wood smoke house, using hand split chunks of maple or other hardwoods to build the fire.

Brats & Wieners:
For a genuine German taste, try our Brats and Wieners. One of our recipes came from a German meat market that an army friend of George brought back. We deciphered it to American measurements and made ourselves an award winning Sausage! Summer or winter, our brats are always an excellent treat! They’re made up of rings and links with seasonings and ingredients that enhance their flavor.

Bacon & Dried Beef:
If you’re looking for bacon and dried beef with flavor, ours can’t be beat! They’re cured and smoked the old fashioned way. We take our time to make them the best tasting breakfast, snack or anytime-of-the-day treat.

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