The City of Nicollet’s I&I investigation program is underway. As you recall from a previous notification, I&I is inflow and infiltration of clear water into the City’s sanitary sewer system and can cause backups in periods of heavy, sustained rainfall. One of the ways I&I can enter the sewer is through the home – by foundation drains or other connections that the homeowner may not even be aware of.

The City has hired the company Mi-Tech to perform individual basement surveys and televising of the each sanitary sewer service. To do these tasks, Mi-Tech requires access into your home. All of the Mi-Tech employees have been trained to perform these tasks and completed a background check. They can be identified by their Mi-Tech IDs and will be driving company trucks with their company logo on the side.

The Mi-Tech technicians will perform a short visual survey of the condition of your basement as well as televise the condition of your sanitary sewer service from the home out to the street. The technicians are not allowed to provide advice regarding the sewer service, but can answer common questions about what they are doing and how it can make a difference.

Mi-Tech will make 4 attempts to contact each homeowner to perform their required duties. These consist of 2 separate call attempts and 2 separate door knock attempts. Mi-Tech can be reached using the information left on your door knob, which is repeated below. If they fail to connect with the homeowner, the City will then make an attempt. If all attempts fail, or if the homeowner refuses to permit entry, a $100 monthly penalty will be added to your utility bill.

The results of these inspections will be reviewed and any non-compliant owners will be contacted individually with how to proceed with necessary corrective actions.  There is no requirement to perform any modifications until you receive that future notification from the City.

The City of Nicollet appreciates your cooperation!

507-625-4171 Ext. 140

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