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Mi-Tech is about 50% complete with the sanitary sewer service and basement inspections process as part of the City’s proactive approach to reduce inflow and infiltration (I&I) into the sanitary sewer system. The City hired Mi-Tech to perform individual basement surveys and televise suspect sewer services. Inspections will continue throughout the summer for the remaining homes that have not been inspected already. As stated in previous communications, your cooperation is greatly appreciated in promptly scheduling an appointment if you have not done so already.

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Remember the technicians are not allowed to provide advice regarding your sewer service, but may answer common questions about what they are doing and how it can make a difference. Mi-Tech will make several attempts to contact each homeowner to perform their required duties. If they fail to connect with the homeowner, the City will then make an attempt. If all attempts fail, or if the homeowner refuses to permit entry, a $100 monthly surcharge may result.

A number of other questions have been fielded by City Hall, which are addressed below:    Question


Mi-Tech will not charge nor should they be paid at the time of inspection. The door hangers that were distributed referenced this so that homeowners knew that no payment was to be exchanged directly with Mi-Tech. At a future meeting, the City Council will determine exactly how the costs associated with these inspections will be recouped.


Most homes will require a full basement inspection, including televising. There are some newer homes that may have clear records with the City, or that have been otherwise confirmed through City Staff that may result in a partial or no inspection. Technicians will default to a full inspection unless otherwise directed by Public Works.



No changes to your home are required unless you receive a separate notice from the City that you are out of compliance. If changes are required, such as constructing a sump basket and installing a new sump pump to code, the City recommends you solicit a licensed contractor familiar with this type of work and get at least two quotes for the work. Keep in mind the City will need to verify any work prior to backfilling. Failing to notify the City upon completion could result in unnecessary cost and delay.


As a homeowner, you have more control over basement backups and sanitary sewer overflows than you may realize. Proper home and business sanitary sewer connections are the single most important factor in controlling flow into the sanitary sewer collection systems and ensuring that the system is able to function as designed. I&I affects everyone and the solution requires a community-wide effort. Your commitment to corrective action will protect your family, neighbors and our environment!


The City of Nicollet appreciates your cooperation!



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